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Today’s Cruises – September 30, 2013

September ends with a pretty nice bang – there are 21 cruises starting today, including:

Looking ahead to cruises departing six months from now:  Sunday, March 30, 2014 is a monster, with 40 cruise ships scheduled to begin cruises in 25 different ports.

Today’s Cruises – September 29, 2013

The world of cruises is truly worldwide today, with 29 different cruise ships setting sail on lots of 7-day voyages and other interesting cruises, including…

  • Carnival Magic making its weekly 7-night trip from Galveston.  This week it’s a tour of the western Caribbean, sometimes it’s to the Bahamas;
  • Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas is departing from Cape Liberty (located within sight of the Statue of Liberty in Bayonne, New Jersey) for a 7-night cruise to Bermuda.  Explorer of the Seas is scheduled to remain in New Jersey until next November, also making 5-night trips to Bermuda and 9-night cruises to the eastern Caribbean;
  • ms Statendam leaves Vancouver today on a 5-day cruise to San Diego.  And a 35-day cruise to San Diego.  And a 66-day cruise to San Diego.  Option #1 is a straight trip down the Pacific coast.  Option #2 adds on a month visiting all the interesting islands of the Pacific (really, all of them).  Option #3 adds another month touring Mexico and Central America.  Just depends on how many times you want to visit San Diego.  And how much cash and time you have to spare.

Looking ahead five months from today:  You can celebrate leap year on one of the 31 cruises scheduled to depart on Saturday, February 29, 2014.

Today’s Cruises – September 27, 2013

We’ve got a lucky 13 ships departing today, including…

Looking ahead:  There are 17 cruises to choose from departing four months from now, January 27, 2014.  And another 22 scheduled for six months out, Friday June 27, 2014.

Today’s Cruises – September 26, 2013

There are 16 cruise ships departing on voyages today, with destinations ranging from the Caribbean to Vietnam and Cambodia:

Looking ahead three months, there are 12 cruises scheduled to begin the day after Christmas, December 26, 2013., including a 9-night round-trip cruise from Malaga, Spain on Norwegian Spirit that tours Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Today’s Cruises – September 25, 2013

Not many cruises scheduled for today, but today’s departures include:

Looking ahead:  Six months from now there are five cruises scheduled for departure on March 25, 2014, including a 5-day voyage from Charleston, South Carolina to the Bahamas on Carnival Fantasy.  Nine months from now, June 25, 2014, you could be leaving on a 12-night “Imperial Jewels of China” river cruise on Viking’s Century Emerald.

Today’s Cruises – September 24, 2013

It’s Tuesday September 24, 2013 and there are only 7 cruise ships heading outward today, but that includes a couple of interesting 12-night voyages:

Looking ahead six months and one year: Costa Pacifica’s 7-night Mediterranean round-trip cruise from Barcelona is one of 17 cruises scheduled to begin on March 24, 2014.  Twelve cruises begin on Wednesday, September 24, 2014.

Today’s Cruises – September 23, 2013

There are 14 cruise ships departing from ports all over the world today, including a couple leaving Los Angeles on extended voyages…

  • Three days ago we told you about ms Amsterdam leaving Vancouver and today it’s leaving Los Angeles on cruises across and around the Pacific Ocean in your choice of 21-night (ending in Kobe, Japan), 29-night (to Hong Kong), 35-night (to Singapore) or 72-night varieties (coming all the way back to LA via a bunch of South Pacific islands);
  • Norwegian Sun continues its repositioning cruise to Miami, which started a week ago in Vancouver;
  • Big and popular Celebrity Solstice departs from Ensenada, Mexico on an 11-day trip to Honolulu, which includes several days of circling the Hawaiian islands.

Looking six months and one year ahead:  There are 37 cruises scheduled for Sunday March 23, 2014 including 28 different week-long voyages with destinations as varied as the Mexican Riviera and the Danube River.  Even further out, there will be at least 14 cruises leaving on Tuesday September 23, 2014.

Today’s Cruises – September 22, 2013

It’s Sunday September 22, 2013 and our crystal ball shows 27 cruises departing today, including:

Looking ahead six months and one year: That same crystal ball says there will be 37 cruises sailing on Saturday March 22, 2014 and a 28-night cruise from Copenhagen to Miami (via northern Europe) is just one of the 20 cruises scheduled for Monday September 22, 2014.

Today’s Cruises – September 21, 2013

It’s a reasonably big Saturday, with 34 ships departing today.  Many of today’s cruises are of the week-long variety, including:

Looking six months and one year ahead:  our schedule currently shows 20 cruise ships starting voyages on Friday March 21, 2014 and 43 cruises beginning on Sunday September 21, 2014.

Today’s Cruises – September 20, 2013

We hope you’re one of the lucky thousands who are starting a cruise today.  If not, feel free to consider today’s 14 cruises inspiration for your next cruise vacation.  Today’s departures include:

Looking six months and one year ahead:  We currently know about 14 cruises scheduled for Thursday March 20, 2014 and 53 ships set for departure on Saturday September 20, 2014.